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4 Ways To Tell If Your Legend Age Lipstick Is Authentic or Fake | 用这四种方式能够分辨传奇今生红樱桃唇膏是真货或假货


Legend Age Healthy Cherry Lipstick or Lip Balm is considered a premium skincare product due to its hefty price. This yellow paste lipstick/lip balm easily cost about the same price as YSL or Chanel lipstick but our users rather chuck these branded lipsticks aside and go with Legend Age.

Why is this so? 

Made from beeswax and other natural ingredients, its ability to heal cracked, chapped and dark lips are superb while no other lip balms can do it. Its cherry essence ingredient gives users a healthy cherry color and gives your lips life. Unlike traditional lipsticks, Legend Age lipstick is not made of chemicals such as paraffin and lead, which can cause blackening and darken your lips.

Today, the Legend Ageis selling one lipstick every 3.9 seconds. These moisturizing lip balms are selling so well such that people are trying to imitate how it is made and sell them on their own. These are not authorized distributors. They also resort to using lousy chemicals which are harmful to your lips.

How do you then differentiate the authentic legend age lipstick from the fake legend age lipstick?

After investigations, we have a compiled a list of proven ways to tell the authenticity of the product.

1. Check the retail price

Do not buy from sellers who sell below 45 SGD per stick. Check other currencies here. Avoid these sellers at all cost because there is a high chance these are fake legend age products.

Why so?

We are extremely strict about the retail prices sold by the official distributors and resellers. It is necessary to control retail market price because selling it below the retail price will be unfair to other distributors. This will cause unhappiness and instability in the company and is detrimental to the success of a company. It is, therefore, crucial to control the prices tightly.

Hence, any resellers who are selling below 45 SGD per stick will be reported, caught and terminated immediately by our parent company.

Logically, any resellers who are treating this as a serious business will not go below the market retail price for fear of being terminated as a distributor.

For those who are selling below retail price and still out there, it is highly likely from people outside the official company making an imitation. This includes making the fake paste from grease and glue, which can cause severe reactions to users’ lips. We strongly urge customers to do their research before purchasing it from random marketplaces.

The only exception is if you are buying in bulk (4 pieces and above). Resellers and distributors are allowed to sell it cheaper only if their customers are buying 4 or more pieces.

Please refer to the following official retail price in SGD:

  • 1 STICK – 45 SGD
  • 4 STICKS – 138 SGD
  • 10 STICKS – 300 SGD

These are the standard prices all official legend age distributor are to follow. In the event when someone is selling at a lower price, it is probably too good to be true.

2. Scan the QR Code on the lipstick’s packaging

Scan the QR code on the new packaging located here:

All officially authorized resellers are to have an authorized profile on WeChat. It should look something like that:

This can give you a peace of mind who are you buying from.

However, this can be faked as well. The authorized QR Code can be stolen and imitated. It is better to ensure that all the mentioned points in this article are checked to ensure the authenticity of the product.

3. Check the packaging of the product

There are minor details that can be spotted between a real and a fake legend age lipstick. Look out for the following differences on the packaging to differentiate the authentic and the fake one:


4. Check the color of the paste

Because Legend Age pastes consists of a large part made from of beeswax, it should be an orangey yellow, not reddish or dark pink.

Bear in mind that we do not use chemicals like paraffin and lead, so our color might not be consistent for different batches due to the different batches of beeswax. Sometimes, your paste will appear a little orangey, while sometimes it is bright yellow. This is perfectly ok.