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How to be an Authorized Legend Age Lipstick Distributor | 如何加入传奇今生红樱桃健康唇膏的代理

Benefits of Being a Legend Age Lipstick Distributor

Legend Age Office

1. Direct Training – Improve Your Sales and Marketing Expertise

By being our distributor, you will be the link between our end customers and Legend Age Lipstick manufacturers. The greatest benefit of being an authorized distributor is that you will receive right direct training from our team leaders on how to sell and you will be able to provide factual information to others. You will learn how to make money from your own time by learning from our top distributors. Learn how to sell across various different platforms such as wechat, word of mouth, online marketing etc. You will also have an account under Legend Age Lipstick for your own sales.

2. Distributor Price - Get Your Stocks at a Lower Cost from Us

All authorized distributors are allowed to get our lipsticks at a bulk discount depending on the amount of lipsticks purchased. Note that it is compulsory to standardize all lipstick prices across every country, no matter the currency. This is to ensure we remain professional and prevent any disputes. Any agents or distributors that are not selling at our standardize rate will get terminated immediately.

3. International Distribution Rights

We have a large distributor base and demand in regional markets like Singapore, Malaysia, France, Canada, USA and China. All authorized Legend Age distributors are allowed to sell internationally as long as all conditions are met. This is a huge opportunity for approved distributors because the international market is huge and there are plenty of opportunities for you to make money.

4. Join Our Fun Loving Team – Get support and discover true friendship with Legend Age Family

Legend Age have many teams across every countries and regions. We do organize outings and meetings to spur each other on and encourage each other. Our outings include going overseas for holidays, for Legend Age conference and roadshows. It will be helpful and useful to you because not only will you learn more from us, you will also have fun and enjoy yourself during our bonding time!


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