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Legend Age Whitening Sunscreen

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Beware of buying fake Legend Age products from fake sellers. These products may cause harmful effects on your lips and we strongly suggest buyers do their proper research before purchase. Read our article on how to tell the difference between an authentic legend age lipstick and a fake one.

Legend Age Whitening Sunscreen Features:

Protect: Double Protection

  • Long-term protection against UVW & UVB
  • Double protection, High SPF

Whiten: Brighten Skin

  • Star whitening ingredients
  • Radiant Skin

Nourish: Extracts Nourishes Skin

  • Replenish nutrients to nourish and moisturise skin

Dewy & soft texture

  • Easy to even
  • Not sticky
  • No pimples
  • Forms a film quickly, isolate skin from makeup, not creasing

How to use:

Use it at the final step of skincare, take an appropriate amount and apply to the skin exposed to the sun (face, neck, arms, hands, legs, back), then even it gently


1st Certification: SPF 50+

  • Represents the index of the protection effect of sunscreen products on UVB. The higher the SPF, the longer the protection time.

2nd Certification: PA+++

  • PA is the index of the protection effect of sunscreen products on UVA. "+" refers to the defense strength, the more "+", the better the defense effect.


Replenishes nutrients in our skin, revitalise skin and regulates skin's moisturising ability.

  1. Panthenol: Intensive moisturising
  2. Paeonia Lactiflora Root Extract: Revitalise & Anti-aging
  3. Rehmannia Glutinosa Root Extract: Oil control & moisturising
  4. Angelica Gigas Root Extract: Anti-oxidation